Very often, people in the cover of the passport made and other documents or money. The loss is always unpleasant, and creates a lot of problems to rebuild, not to mention the loss of time.

Standard methods of return of passport

The most reliable way to return the lost passport to the owner – see the address of the residence and to try to bring a document from it. Of course, it so happens that the person is registered not in the place where they live, but it is not so common. In the end, you will probably be able to tell you where to find the right person.

If this search has not given results, you can try to turn on the TV. In special cases it is still possible to hear the announcement of important findings in the broadcast news. The law should include a passport at the nearest police station, which will have to write a statement about the discovery and describe the circumstances. Law enforcement officers themselves will take over the search.

How to find the owner of the lost passport

Social networks have long been used as a media. Everyone can advertise with the right content on your page. Vividly describing the story of the finds and the importance of finding the owner of the document, you can ask people to spread the recording. Very often they are not only documents, but also even people.

To name the person, you can try to search in the Internet. Certainly there are people with these names in social networks. Narrowing the search range to their city, region or city of residence, you have all chances to find a man.

If in the passport the residence permit from another region, it is possible to ask to advertise any socially active resident of another city. If the city is not very big, there are certainly acquaintances among the read record.

Upon detection of a passport in a public place such as subway or railway station, you can try to take it to the head who will decide what to do with the document.

To carry out all actions for return of the passport is important because a person may be in a difficult situation, having no document confirming the rights of the citizen.

Of course, he first should go to the passport office to write a statement about the loss, pay the fine and fee for the production of a new document. But it often happens that the loss did not even notice, still any time the person is trying to find his home, etc.