The differences of solutions for contact lenses

There are several types of solutions. Most often they are multi-functional. This means that simultaneously carry out disinfection, rinsing and cleaning lenses.

Usually-solutions fit all types of soft lenses. But there are exceptions, depending on how some of the ingredients means compatible with the materials constituting the lenses. So this issue must take into account the advice of the doctor and use what he will recommend.

In any case it is not necessary to use saline, or cheap power tools. This does not give the eyes nothing but discomfort. The question doctors often forget to clarify. They just give people a solution without telling anything about the nuances of his choice. Therefore, the patient concludes that for contact lenses will fit any funds. The desire to save he buys at the drugstore is another solution that is cheaper. Of course, sometimes it may be appropriate for the selected type of lens, but most often the person begins to experience discomfort, and, subsequently, may completely refuse to wear the "little miracle".

Also from the savings some may wash the lens with your fingers, don't pour the appropriate amount of solution into the container. It is fraught with not a very good future for the eyes. Usually due to improper care lenses start eye infection.

Best solutions for contact lenses

Many people know that the more popular soft contact lenses because they are convenient and easy to use. But, nevertheless, they differ in the materials from which is made. There are two main types of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.

There are a number of well-known companies that manufacture, lenses and solutions to care for them, for example, Ciba Vision, Alcon, Maxima Optics. The quality of the products of these manufacturers is very high, so many people use these companies.

Of course, the most practical option is a multifunction solution for contact lenses. In this respect, a great tool is ReNu, which has its own varieties. For example, for people with sensitive cornea of the eye, developed a special solution ReNu MultiPlus. He is well disinfects and cleans, but also removes lipid and protein deposits, allowing you to forget about the mechanical cleaning of lenses.

The latest innovation from the company Bausch&Lomb – Biotrue solution. In its manufacture is considered by the natural protection mechanisms of the human eye, so it is considered unique. It acts as a tear a healthy eye because it has an identical pH. In addition, the tool has a moisturizing agent, which is available at the tissues of the eye that protects it from degradation of proteins natural tears.

Of course, the choice of contact lens solution - it is purely individual. The main thing to remember everyone to whom these funds are needed – the better they are, the more guarantee that your eyes will be healthy.