You have bought a vehicle in another city or in another region, and you need to drive to the place of registration in the competent authorities – in this case, you should conclude a contract CTP for a period of 20 days (transit insurance). However, in my opinion this is just an overpayment because you can be insured on an annual term, and only then after check to enter numbers. Transit insurance is suitable only for "dealers".

According to the General conditions of the contract of insurance is always a period of insurance of 1 year and the only restriction period can range from 3 months. To pay for 3 months of use, you need half the cost of the annual policy, while over half the cost of the policy will be 70% of the annual. No matter at what time you signed the insurance policy, the cost generally will not change. Please note that the extend period can be at least 3 months within the term of the contract. Insurance with the period of use for 10 or 11 months won't save because the cost equal to the annual policy.

Concerning owners of cars of legal entities of the Federal law "About insurance" has some limits, minimum insurance period can be 6 months, subject to seasonal vehicle use (e.g. snowplows). For the rest of the vehicle belonging to legal entities and not part of the exception group, the insurance period and the period of use always equals a year.

Exception to the General rule for annual term insurance are the vehicles registered in a foreign country. In respect of such vehicles, the period of insurance always equal to the period of use and can range from 5 days to 1 year.