The insurance policy is issued to all drivers regardless of the type of vehicle. It needs to be decorated even to owners of tractors or motorcycles.

What documents are needed for oformleniya

Before going to the insurance company for issuing insurance policy, you will need to collect a small package of documents which includes passport of the owner of the vehicle, driving license of the category, PTS (the vehicle passport), proof of vehicle registration, pass inspection or diagnostic chart, and also the insurance policy that is issued more (if any).

List of documents for obtaining the policy may insignificantly change. For example, if you are not the owner of the machine where you are driving, you will need a power of attorney from the owner of the car. If a vehicle can use multiple drivers then you will also need a driver's license these individuals.

How much is insurance and how to reduce its cost

The cost of insurance for each vehicle is calculated individually, taking into account parameters such as the make and age of vehicle, age and driving experience, the power of the machine, the settlement, which was the vehicle, etc. For example, if the driver's age is 18 years old, drives an old Russian-made car registered in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, the cost of insurance will be high (about 5-9 thousand rubles per year).

Shouldn't be tricks of insurance agents, which promise you to reduce the cost of insurance – policy price will not be somewhere less and somewhere more expensive for a car of the same brand, condition, age and other characteristics. The only way to reduce the cost of CTP is to have a great driving record accident-free driving, and a new car of foreign production.

Important points

It should be noted that the CTP will not be able to fully restore a car after an accident, as the payment amount to 120 thousand rubles, if during the accident suffered only property and a 160 - when an accident suffered by the people. The amount paid for insured event are divided equally among all participants of the accident.

You can find out the cost of insurance policy on their own, fill in a small questionnaire on a special Internet sites. This method of calculation will help you to save much time.

If you are very worried about the safety of your car, and the conditions for insurance you are not satisfied, you can also draw and hull – full property insurance, including motor third-party liability. This type of insurance uses a small number of car owners, because it is too expensive.