Learn the rules of the insurancewhich your insurance organization that issued you the policy, was obliged to give you at the conclusion of the contract. Pay attention to items relating to the extension of the contract, they detail the actions of the insured (i.e., who enters into a contract with the company). In most companies they are spelled out in section V.
Inform your insurance company that they intend to enter into a contract of insurance with another organization. Keep in mind that you have to do it for two months before the expiry of the policyand the date you can find in the top right of the document. The application is submitted in written form, you may ask the insurance company or to write in any form. If you did not notify the insurer within a specified time about the decision to move to another company, your contract will be automatically extended. The insurer will write you a new policy for next year.
Contact a representative of the insurance company a few days before the expiry of your policyand insurance, if you didn't call. Find out whether you need to personally visit the office or the courier or insurance agent (representative), which you can give payment for the policy. As the competition for each customer among insurance companies is very high, the employees of your company are kindly requested to contact you by phone or email and explain how to get a new policy for the next period of insurance.
If you want to make changes to the existing policy, for example, to enter an additional driver admitted to driving the vehicle, and reflect this information in the statement. If all conditions remain unchanged, the insurer itself will print a statement on the basis of past data, you will need to sign it and policyE. the New Treaty will take effect after making payment in cash or Bank account.