The insurance policy

CTP is insurance that is intended to cover losses caused by the actions of the driver to other road users or their property. Thus, the insurance payment for CTP in case of an accident in which the man was guilty, save him from having to pay any money for your damage, but will not provide any money for themselves the culprit. On the contrary, if the person was not at fault in an accident, the insurance policy, which must be the culprit, will cover his expenses for the restoration of the car.

However, do not expect that the damage caused to the innocent party will be fully covered, regardless of its size. The law "On mandatory insurance of liability of owners of vehicles" sets forth that the damage caused to the life or health of every person affected in the accident can be compensated in the amount of not to exceed 160 thousand rubles, and damage to property of each injured - not more than 120 thousand rubles. The aggregate amount of the payments for the damages to all the victims, should not exceed 160 thousand rubles.

The extension of the policy

Insurance policy commonly is issued for 1 year, but at the request of the vehicle owner it can be shorter. Under current law, to drive a vehicle only for a person, which is included in the insurance policy issued to the vehicle. While insurance rules can include in one policy several drivers either do not limit the circle of persons entitled to drive this car. However, it will definitely affect the cost of insurance.

The next day after the previous policy has ended, the driver has no right to go on the road, and did not obtain new insurance. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the office of the insurance company to obtain the new policy. It is not necessary to worry about what a few have already paid days, insurance lost: the new insurance policy will be executed exactly from the moment of the previous one.

In order to extend the insurance policy must show the insurance agent the standard package of documents, including passports and driver's licenses of all people who will be fit into the policy, as well as vehicle and certificate of registration. In addition, it is helpful to bring previous insurance policy: if last year the driver was driving without an accident, he is entitled to a five percent discount from the cost of the new policy. After submission of all necessary documents, the insurance agent will enter your information in the form of the established form, and paying the cost of insurance, you will once again acquire the right to move your car.

To implement the extension of the policy in the same company where you were previously insured and another organization. This can be useful to drivers who were dissatisfied with the service quality of their insurer and want to change it.