You will need
  • Calculator,access to the Internet
Determine the base tariff rate (TB). It must be remembered that for vehicles of different type is their own. If the vehicle category, usually the owners are individuals, TB = 1980 rubles. If personal car is used as taxi, TB = 2965 rubles. This significant difference is due to the fact that the motorists earning a taxi driver, more likely to get into an accident.
Calculate the coefficient of the territory.In the next step, calculate the cost of insurance is calculated ratio of the territory (CT). This ratio determines the place of residence of the car owner. Each locality has its own CT. For example, Kt = 2 has Moscow to Yekaterinburg CT =1,3. The ratio for the city can be found in the special table CT.
Determine the number of drivers.Next, we determine how many drivers will operate the vehicle. To account for the drivers admitted to driving, and introduced a coefficient (Ko), which has the following values:
- if one is Ko = 1,0;
- if more than one (e.g., family members) - K = 1,7.
Determine the cost of the insurance policy.The next parameter which must be calculated to determine the cost of insurance policy is the factor which determines the age and experience of drivers (FAC). Introduced four options for the values of this factor:
- if the age of the motorist is less than 22 years and experience at least three years - Kvs = 1,7;
- besides the age of the driver, but the experience of driving a car more than three years - Kvs = 1,3;
- if the age of the motorist more than 22 years and driving experience of less than three years - Kvs = 1,5;
- if the driving experience more than three years, and the age more than three years Kvs = 1,0.
Determine the engine power.Further, a ratio (Km) depending on engine power (P), which is calculated in horsepower. Km has the following values;
- R to 50 HP, Km = 0,6;
- R от51 to 70, Km = 0,9;
- R from 71 to 100, Km = 1;
- R from 101 to 120, Km = 1,2;
- R from 121 to 150, Km = 1,4;
- P 151 and above, Km = 1,6.
Determine the coefficient of accident-free driving.And the last factor that you want to determine this ratio, aimed at promoting accident-free driving (MSC). For the definition of MSC exists, the so-called range of insurance classes. Insurance in the first year, is assigned to the third class of insurance, it corresponds to the MSC = 1. For each year of accident-free driving class is increased by one, respectively, of the MSC is reduced by 5%. The highest class is 13, it corresponds to the MSC = 0,5.Otherwise, if you become involved in an accident due to inept driving, the class of insurance is reduced, as KBM increases, the maximum value of 2.45.To see the KBM in the special table of the coefficients a "bonus-Malus".
Calculate the final cost of car insurance.At the last stage of calculating the cost of CTP to simplify calculations it is assumed that the insurance contract is signed for one year. And in the end the cost of insurance is calculated by multiplying all the previously calculated parameters.