Rules by CTP in paragraph 15 contain an exhaustive list of documents that may require the insurance company upon issuing the insurance policy CTP. So, for the contract should provide:

- identity document – this document is mandatory for insured individuals. This document may be a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the passport of the citizen of a foreign state and other documents expressly provided for by Russian legislation;

- if the policyholder is a legal person should provide a certificate about registration of legal entity;

- vehicle documents – this could be passport of the vehicle technical certificate or vehicle registration certificate. Enough to provide any of the documents referred to the Insuree;

- if you plan to conclude an insurance contract with a limited number of persons admitted to management, must also provide copies or originals of driving license. If the contract is concluded without any restrictions, driving permits are required;

- if the car is older than 3 years, you should provide a diagnostic card, which contains information about the passage and indicates whether a vehicle with all of the mandatory safety requirements.

On the basis of these documents, as a rule, employees of the insurance company fill in the application for insurance and asked him to sign. Be sure to carefully check all your data because they are entered into a single database (AIS RAMI) and in the presence of technical errors in the future, you may lose unreasonable discounts, etc.