That must mean dreams

If you dream that your wife cheated on you in the first place it is worth considering whether all is in order in your relationship with your spouse.
Every affair in a dream symbolizes inner conflict, he subconsciously worried about the events that concern at the moment.
Subconscious fear and doubt always have some kind of hidden Foundation, so you need to think about their relationships with others.

Almost all the dream books agree on one interpretation of treason is a clear warning about the undesirable future changes in life. Moreover, a conflict situation can arise not only with his wife but with friends, colleagues, and friends.
All the ancient dream books warn that cheating dream to fire, so if you often see such dreams, be careful.

But, on the other hand, the dream suggests that you can trust your spouse cheating in a dream, does not mean a change in reality. Most likely, in your business, there are some drawbacks in which you are in doubt and can fail if not correct them. Also look closely for others it is likely that someone weaves a plot against you.

Interpretation of dream books

Dream interpretation Miller says that cheating wife dream of to strong the surprise will be some interesting event in the lives of your friends. He also speaks about the changes in marriage, maybe they have already happened, but you don't see is worth a closer look to the behavior of the spouse. In any case, a dream about cheating calls attention to his personal life and communication with close people.

In the dream Freud betrayal clearly indicates that you suspect that you have something similar happening or allow for the possibility that it could happen. You just plagued by suspicions and doubts in fidelity of the spouse. By the way, they may be genuine, so be careful.

The dream book of Nostradamus dream cheating wife portends great surprise of the upcoming change, or the second option is to mistrust your spouse.

The dream book Tsvetkov cheating husband is notification that you have conceived the Grand plan will fail. You overestimated their capabilities and not counted important details. So be careful, again consider everything and think about whether to take the case.