If you passionately wish, pregnancy, prividevshayasya in a dream, in most cases, should be interpreted as a prerequisite to conception. But if a woman is already pregnant and knows about your condition, the dream of a new conception will be the forecast of a successful birth. Men also can dream pregnancy his companions or even himself. This means that he is subconsciously ready to be a father. So to interpret a dream about pregnancy people's dreams. Ancient beliefs also describe the dream books say: to see the pregnancy in a dream – to cheat (for girls), joy (for women), new plans (for men). But we saw a pregnant – expect trouble.

Psychologists consider the way a pregnant dream as a symbol of carrying something. Usually interpreted this dream negatively, as the fact that the subject is under the influence of someone else, exposed to alien influences. It may even indicate disease.

The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, also made a dream book. According to Freud, if a woman had a dream that carries her child under her heart, so, in reality, this event must happen soon. But for men pregnancy in a dream (no matter who) indicates that he wants to have a baby.

David Loft modern psychologist-researcher, who wrote not one scientific study of dreams, argues that the pregnancy enters the dreams of two ways. First – if you dream about yourself, the second is if your actual pregnancy and the thought of her became the impetus for such a dream, predicting the contents. Thus, any person in the dream has the ability to get pregnant, it is not limited to any floor, nor age. In General, Leff believes that pregnancy in dreams is a symbol of creativity, maturity or wealth. However, each situation is individual and requires further analysis and interpretation.