Differences in the interpretation of the dream fights

In the interpretation of the dream in which there is any disagreement in the first place should pay attention to whom you are in conflict. Do you know this person in real life whether it be your relative or close friend, age, and gender – all these factors have significantly changed the meaning of what he saw.
If you dream you saw the argument of people who really do not communicate with each other because of the conflict, it will soon be their reconciliation.

Often quarrels in your dream are a direct reflection of human insecurity in their abilities or the existence of serious spiritual experiences. If you're worried about innuendo, are you hiding any information, you should hurry to rid yourself of this burden. Be sure to talk heart to heart with those who have offended, or help a friend the knowledge that I have. Try less to argue with colleagues and relatives.

If dreams with quarrels regularly gives you trouble, it indicates the existence of serious problems in communicating with others. You will find a difficult period, you will be subjected to constant criticism in your address and exchange a lot of nasty words.

If, during the altercation you use profanity in real life, you should pay more attention to their health. Even the slightest the best way to diagnose the disease in the process of a comprehensive survey.

If after a fight you immediately reconciled with the offender, such a dream can be regarded as a kind of way of getting rid of negative emotions. The dream just helped you to say goodbye to bad energy.
For a married woman quarrel, seen in a dream may be a warning, foreshadowing a divorce or serious disagreements with your spouse.

The interpretation of quarrels

If you dream you quarrel with someone who in real life is a little familiar to you or you have never dealt personally with this person you may have not only a friendly relationship but a real friendship or even love. Quarrel with each other trouble, which may be associated with a specific person or touch your work.

If you watch the fight from the outside, it is important to pay attention to gender of people who find out the relationship. Men in this case are a bad sign, you are experiencing in your personal life. Probably the presence of jealousy or betrayal. Women symbolize gossip and intrigue, and you can be in the center of the intrigue.

Quarrel men and women, seen in a dream, portend a favourable period in life. If you witness a child's hassle – wait for a gift or prepare for a fun journey.