What a dream ex-girlfriend? Dream Interpretation Freud

Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud to interpret these dreams in his characteristic manner. If you dream of a date with a former girlfriend, then soon life will present the dreamer piquant surprise: his sex partner would be a girl that he already knows. Another interpretation of this dream: the dreamer waking to restore its relations with the former beloved.

If had sex with a former girlfriend, in reality there is coming a new Dating and a romantic relationship with a person who all this time was close to the dreamer (e.g. a work colleague). Freud interprets the dreams in which there is ex wife: sleeping unable to understand the sudden intimacy issues.

Dream ex-girlfriend. Dream interpretation miss Hasse

According to this dream book, to dream ex-girlfriend or wife to the emergency room and a fateful meeting of the dreamer with his future mate. Conversation in a dream with a former lover – to unpleasant surprises of fate: the past can remind yourself is not the best way. To swear in the dream ex-girlfriend – for intrigue and dirty tricks on the part of man, which is not expected.

If the dreamer fights with his former lover, in reality there will be some pleasant events. Kissing in a dream with the former – a pleasant and exciting pastime: the dreamer will soon find yourself at a party, reconnecting with old friends. To get married in my dream on your ex – to major changes in his personal life. Trends can be both pleasant and not.

Dream interpretation Longo: the ex-girlfriend

A well-known interpreter of dreams and the white magician Yuri Longo so interpreted the dreams: ex-girlfriend in the dream suggests that feelings sleeping to her has not waned. Mr Longo solidarity and psychologists: they believe that the subconscious of the dreamer gives him. He believes that he forgot his ex-lover, but his mind tells us otherwise. Moreover, the dreamer dreams about certain changes in their lives, hoping for the possibility of the return of bygone days.

French dream: a dream about former lover

Nothing good, such dreams do not bring. If the dream's ex-wife, sleeping in life there will be great trouble related to his professional activities. On the morning after this dream should remember what the note passed parting: if dispersed peacefully, we can hope for a favorable outcome of the upcoming problems, but if the breakup was accompanied with swearing and quarrels – white strip in life of the dreamer will come soon.