The bride feminine power

According to the most widespread interpretation in dream books, the bride signifies the power that is hidden within every female, and the female essence of nature and life. It symbolizes new beginnings, new life, projects, and fertility, it is also emotions and hope.

If you dream that you are the bride, the events of that dream are directly connected with your life, but someone else in a white wedding dress is usually a hint of some changes in your life. When brides and much more, it demonstrates that the case takes a serious turn – a new trend in your life will have a significant impact.

The happier the bride (whoever she was), the more positive it is possible to consider the meaning of the dream. Even if some other details indicate a negative interpretation, the joy of the bride hides them or promises compensation for unpleasant events. It is also important that young bride or older. The younger and more beautiful in the dream girl in the wedding dress, the more successful the planned activity. Here comes the bride-the woman indicates that time remains very little, and if you don't take over important business, you risk to be late.

If you see someone else's bride in the dream, you will participate in others ' endeavors, if not you have them started, though, the business is good. For a young woman to see a bride means that she will soon meet a person who is worthy to become her lover.

When the bride is kissing someone in a dream, it is always good. If you saw the bride kisses you, it means that you have good health, even if it is something now wrong, then soon it will get better. If you kiss the bride, it promises to improve the material well-being.

To be a bride

When you dream yourself in a white wedding dress, it portends significant changes and a new round of development in your life. Perhaps a good legacy. It is important though to be happy. If you saw herself a bride, not feeling joy or even being upset by this fact, nothing good from the changes will not have to wait ahead of the disappointment.

When you dream you marry your beloved, but feel indifference to this event, and in ordinary life, you soon will be disappointed in it.

To see yourself in a dream and to be dissatisfied with their dress means that some of your hopes will not be realized. But if you being dressed in a beautiful white dress with a veil for a long time admiring his reflection in the mirror, this may mean the disease.

But a dream in which you are the bride, it isn't always mean something. It may be true that marriage is your strong desire and then the dream just reflects your thoughts. But if you are already married, then you may wistfully recall the freshness of the feelings that prevailed in your relationship the first time, and I want to return to this atmosphere. If so, sleep with the bride, most likely, does not carry special meaning, in addition to reflect your current desires.