What dreams of cheating husband

If you dream that your husband betrayed you or cheated on in a dream means that your relationship is very strong and you are in a happy marriage. You don't need to be upset, because in fact your husband remains faithful.

If you caught in the dream of her husband with his mistress, and he leaves his family, without any explanation, in your family life you pursue difficulties, scandals and nervous breakdowns.
Take hold of yourself and avoid abuse, to avoid disastrous consequences.

If you dream you are only suspect of her husband's betrayal, but do not notice it – so, in reality, do you think that the husband changes or not. No need to torture yourself guesses to exhaust yourself with questions should talk with her husband, and the only way you will find out all the questions.

If a man dreams that he cheated on his wife, in reality it can be charged with illegal activities.

The interpretation of infidelity in different dream books

Dream Interpretation Miller. Cheating on your wife in the dream, charging him with illegal. This case will be small but will leave its mark.
Husband cheated on in my dream – it means your spouse is abusing your trust.

Dream Interpretation Vanga. If in the dream you have a desire to change, but at the last minute changed my mind – it means that you have the willpower, which will help to achieve success. Well, if cheating did happen – the feelings will soon go out, break all the plans that will lead to a deep depression.

Dream Interpretation Of Freud. The cheating in the dream shows that you either want to do this or something similar has happened in my life. Maybe treason in fact, and was not, but the probability was. Cheating in dreams – is the lack of attention from her husband. You have fears on a subconscious level and insane jealousy.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus. Cheating in dreams – is the coming change. The interpretation depends on the specific situation, which sees a sleeping man. Wife dreams of cheating husband, then the woman is opposed to the will of her husband, wants to change things, doesn't want to change, or holds a grudge against her husband.

Dream Book Lofa. To dream of cheating means that you will have a very strong marriage. If you dream you show remorse, then you are not satisfied with what is happening in life. The dream promises that you are ready to various tricks and gimmicks, only to change the situation in your favor.

Dream Interpretation Longo. Cheating in a dream suggests that you have a desire to consciously partake of the forbidden fruit is not even in a dream.