The most common dream about infidelity from his girlfriend is to catch her in the act. Some commentators, among them Gustav Miller, argue that soon the dreamer or his family will have to become a party to any litigation. The participant role is not specified: it can be both the witness and the plaintiff and even defendant. Often dreams are about how girls change, the promise of the usual innuendo and misunderstanding. Dream interpretation Vanga says that cheating girls in the dream promises problems in a professional field.
According to Sigmund Freud, treason by his girlfriend or wife suggests that the dreamer is constantly tormented himself with doubts about this. It seems that in reality the beloved is eager to go to the left. This interpretation is rather psychological than prophetic aspect. The dreamer needs to speak with his lover and try to dot the "I". According to the family dream book, female infidelity, which did not manage to prove, tells about some experiences on the part of the owner of the dream. Maybe in real life he fiddles with it skillfully. If in a dream to see only the desire of his girlfriend to change with someone, but not the fact of this, it speaks of strong will and a healthy the power of the spirit of the dreamer.
Great dream book interprets as treason on the part of the beautiful half of humanity. It is a reflection of the credulity of the dreamer, which in reality someone easily abused. This "someone", perhaps, is the second half. If men dream about their wife cheating on them with best friends, the reality of this is evidence of imminent cooling of the feelings with the husband. If dreamt my girlfriend seduces the young guy, the reality of the coming scandals and breakup for an incredibly stupid reason. According to the Hasse dream book, to dream of treason favorite for big obstacles and difficulties in life. It is not excluded that all this will benefit the dreamer: he will become stronger, will find true friends, etc.
Psychologists say that cheating in the dream is an empty phrase. Psychological factor plays an important role in life: people often dream of their fears. In other words, not yet born the man who would not worry about the potential infidelity of his second half or would suspect it. As they say at dog lover: bitch do not want – dog does not jump. These thoughts often haunt some of the guys and husbands. Night they most likely projected their subconscious, turning into an unpleasant dream.