Check that the driver for the keyboard and touchpad. Go to "device Manager" and look at the corresponding item. Often the Windows 7 operating system selects a generic driver that does not support additional functions buttons.
Go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer and find the downloads section. Download the driver for the keyboard and function keys. Install the program, after checking the downloaded files with antivirus. After you download any files and install them on your personal computer, you need to do a full scan of your computer virus program that could automatically be integrated in the operating system registry.
Restart your computer to allow the changes made to the operating system came into effect the next time you log in Windows. Test the buttons with additional functions by employing a special button. To use the special function buttons on the keyboard, locate the Fn button, it activates an additional function key. Hold down this button and press the function key, for example, to increase the sound volume in the system.
You can also find driver and the description of the function keys in the materials on the disk from the laptop manufacturer. Install utility from disk, including a program for processing signals from the function keys. It is also worth noting that the drivers need to install for the touchpad that replaces the mouse. Go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer and download the software for your operating system.