You will need
  • the program xstarter.
Change the commands to keys by using third-party programs. Such on the Internet quite a lot, so how can you more carefully read the selection on offer. The program xstarter is also suitable to assign particular commands to buttons on your keyboard. Download it from the official developer website (download link:
Please note that the change button assignments, only one of the functions of this program, in addition it contains additional utilities for better performance on your computer. Before downloading please read it to see if you need this program is because it takes some hard disk space.
Check the downloaded data on the viruses, install the program on your computer, carefully following the instructions of the menu items. Run it, if you need to, register. Read the program's interface, assign a key combination to perform a particular action on your computer when running the program. It is best to assign teams to create a restore point for your operating system.
Take advantage of special programs to target specific teams of multimedia buttons on your keyboard, if available in your device. Download to your computer Media Key and after the installation set the desired function by pressing one or another button panel multimedia keyboard. This is quite convenient, given how many unnecessary commands laid by the developers for easy access.
Configure the call of a particular program that you use often together, for example, mail client, calculator or any other program that you use rarely.