You will need
  • computer.
Note that the ability to work quickly on the computer does not come immediately. The more experienced the user is, the faster it reads input from the keyboard. Accordingly, the keyboard options for the beginner and experienced person will vary greatly.
For comfortable work with the keyboard, you must correctly set the keyboard repeat rate and delay before repeat. To do this, open "start" - "control Panel" - "Keyboard". In the window that opens on the tab "Speed" set the repeat speed - for a newbie, these settings should be smaller for experienced user's. The delay before repeat the shorter, the more experienced the owner of the computer.
Pay attention to what on your computer is the input language by default. After loading the operating system view, the language indicated on the layout icon in the system tray – Russian or English. If English, you can change it to Russian. To do this, again open control panel and find "regional and language options". On the tab "Languages" in the section "Languages and services of text input" click the "Details" button opens the "Settings" tab. Select the input language by default "Russian – Russian". Click OK.
You can choose a convenient option for you to switch keyboard layouts. To do this, in the same Settings tab, click the "keyboard Settings" then "Change keyboard shortcuts". Select the desired option and save the changes by clicking OK.
For comfortable work on your computer, you must also configure the mouse settings. Open control panel, point the Mouse, select the tab "pointer Options" and adjust the speed of the cursor by dragging the slider. Users with low vision can additionally enable the "Display pointer trails". If you're on a laptop, you must also configure the settings of the touchpad. Please note that under "Mouse" settings of the touchpad will only appear if you have installed the necessary drivers.
When working on a laptop or computer with a LCD monitor don't forget to include in the control panel the option ClearType, which dramatically improves the display quality of the text. Select "ClearType tuning", and tick bird, the item "Turn on ClearType". Then run the configuration wizard and select most suitable options display text.