You will need
  • – a PC running Windows;
  • – access to the Internet.
One of the best free apps for reprogramming the keyboard is Mkey. Go to the website, download program to your computer, and install it. When you install Mkey change the keyboard driver on their own and completely subjugates the keyboard operation.
If you wish to change the function of some keys, open the program window and menu Keys. Right-click the mouse in the left area of the window and select "Add". After the appearance of the dialog box, press the key, the function of which you want to change and enter into the form any name for this keys. Confirming your decision by clicking "OK" select in the Central zone of the window one of the actions which you wish to assign to the key. Confirm your choice by pressing the Save icon in the lower right corner. Since that time, the selected key will perform the assigned function.
For those who want to radically change your keyboard, you can suggest the next option. Purchase a multimedia keyboard with buttons that control the player. Click on the keyboard button that you do not use in normal operation. It can be keys keypad (to the right on the keyboard), some function buttons (F1, F2 etc) keys Scroll Lock, Pause Break, and others. Along with the multimedia number of keys that can be reprogrammed without any damage to the work, may be several tens.
With this program, Mkey, set these keys for special functions. This can be launching most used programs and a variety of actions (cut, copy, refresh, paste, move across the tabs to connect to the Internet, etc.). Unlike the system shortcuts managing them will be one click that is much easier and faster than doing the same thing by pressing two or three buttons.
To quickly learn new function keys, stick them on the appropriate icons with tape or stickers for the keys. As a result of these transformations, your keyboard will gain exclusive functionality that best meets your requirements. The speed and ease of operation on the keyboard will increase significantly.