You will need
  • - Toshiba HDD Protector
Pressing the Fn key causes the execution of the functional roles of the buttons F1-F12. If this possibility bothers you while typing and working at the computer, you can disable it by holding down simultaneously the Fn and Num Lock.
If after pressing this combination, the button still performs its functions, see the use of a laptop or keyboard, locate the appropriate section which tells about possible keys. Try to search solution on the Internet in forums dedicated to your device.
To turn off Fn on Toshiba laptops helps special utility HDD Protector. Download the application from the vendor's official website and install, following the instructions of the installer.
Run the program and go to tab "Optimization", which will list utilities to work with devices connected to the laptop. Tap "accessibility". In the opened window, uncheck the option "Use Fn key" and save all changes by pressing Ok.
For disabling this option also meets the appropriate option in the BIOS. To enter configuration utility when you turn on the laptop hold down the F10. If after clicking, nothing happens, try pressing the other key - often the name is written at the bottom of the loading screen or in the device manual.
Among all settings, locate the Active Key Mode and set its value to Disable. It is this function and is responsible for the multimedia keys. Save your changes and wait for the operating system. Fn key will be deactivated.