Standard laptop keyboard often does not have block numbers. Many of the functions of a full keyboard is executed by using combinations of function keys, called "hot". To enable or disable this technology, there is a special Fn button.
The combination of some keys with the Fn button are different depending on the brand of laptop but the most common are:- Fn+F1 to open help;- Fn+F2 to send a document to print;- Fn+F3 to launch the browser;- Fn+F4 to enable or disable the touchpad;- Fn+F5 - to sleep;- Fn+F6 - keypad lock;- Fn+F7 - reduce screen brightness - Fn+F8 to increase screen brightness;- Fn+F9 - mute sound;- Fn+F11 - decrease volume;- Fn+F12 to increase volume.
Uses "hot keys", and desktop computers. Note you can assign custom hotkeys to shortcuts located on the main system menu, or desktop icons. To do this, call the context menu for the selected label by clicking the right mouse button and select "Properties". Use the Shortcut tab of the resulting window and select "shortcuts". Press desired functional key and save the changes. Typically, this use of Ctrl, Shift, and any letter or Ctrl, Alt and any letter.
Use most of the famous keyboard shortcuts desktop PC:- Ctrl+Esc+Win to call the main menu "start"; Ctrl+Shift+Esc to launch the utility "task Manager";- Win+E to launch the application "Windows Explorer";- Win+R to invoke the Run dialog;- Win+M - to minimize all open Windows on your desktop.