Function key

The laptops (netbooks) from HP, Lenovo, Smasung, Motorola and others, are equipped with special function keys through which a user can quickly switch between music, run wireless networks, and to increase or decrease the volume, and perform other manipulation of the device. Sometimes these function keys can cause inconvenience, therefore, there is a need for their trip. For example, buying a computer from HP, the user can face the fact that at factory settings, after the usual pressing keys F1-F12 (without Fn button), they will activate the additional functions.

Disable Fn key

Of course, you can change the settings of these keys or to disable Fn button on your netbook. First, I must say that this method is not the easiest, but if done correctly, you can avoid many different problems. On laptops (netbooks) HP, disable the function key directly from the BIOS. To enter the BIOS, you must enable (restart) your computer and press ESC or F10 (depends on the model of your device). After the BIOS window opens, you must go to the System Configuration tab. There are a lot of different settings, but to disable or change the function keys need the Action parameter Keys. Want to change it to Disabled and save the changes using the F10 button. After that, the Fn key is disabled.

On devices from Asus, Samsung and Fujitsu, to disable the function key can be. For example, on laptops (netbooks) from Asus, the Fn key is disabled by using Fn and NumLk. On other models may work for other key combinations, for example: Fn and Insert, and Fn F11 Fn F12 and NumLk or even.

It should be noted that most of the problems with disabling function keys will cause the laptops (netbooks) from Toshiba, as it will have to download and install special software HDD Protector. After installing and running this program you must go to the tab "Optimization" where it is necessary to find a point of accessibility. When a new window opens, you should remove the tick box "Use Fn key". These changes should be confirmed using the "OK" button. In the end, the function key will turn off.