One of the most popular and easy to use utilities for remapping keys is a Keyboard Map. With its intuitive interface you can change the function of any buttons on the keyboard. This utility can be used on any laptops running the operating systems of Windows starting with XP.
Download the software from the Internet. She does not have an installer and distributed in the form of files. Extract the RAR file using the program WinRAR, clicking on the package with the right mouse button and clicking "extract to current folder". Navigate to the resulting directory and run the file MapKeyboard.exe.
In the utility window you will see a picture of your keyboard. Left mouse click on the button you want to change. Then at the bottom of the utility window click on the Remap selected key tools. In the drop-down list, select the key you wish to change the selected button.
After remapping keys, click Save Layout in the lower right corner of the program. Confirm your changes and restart the system by pressing "Yes" in the dialog box that appears. If you want to reset manufactured settings, click Reset keyboard layout.
In addition to Map Keyboard there are a large number of other programs with which you can change the desired buttons. So, among the other free utilities you can mark Key Remapper that works in a slightly different way.
After downloading, install and run the utility you will see a window divided into two parts. To set the key you want to edit, click the drop-down list under the "Source key" and select the name used buttons. If not, click "New key" and press the key you want to change.
In the list on the right side of the window in the drop-down context menu, select the button to which you want to replace function. After that save the changes by clicking on Apply and restarting the computer.