Causes of lichen

Ringworm is a contagious skin disease. The cause can be different viral infection and the fungus and microbes. Shingles can occur when a weakened immune system, long-term medication, stress, or as allergies.

Ringworm can be transmitted by direct contact or through items of General use or personal hygiene. Disease-susceptible animals, so often the contamination comes from domestic dogs and cats.

When the disease of ringworm affects one or more areas of the skin with simultaneous itching, peeling and change in color of the epidermis.

The appearance and spread of

There are varieties of lichen, like:
- tinea,
- cutting,
red flat
- bubble,
- multicolored.

Herpes, otherwise known as herpes manifests in the form of water bubbles on the lips or genitals. The reasons for its appearance are colds, windburn, weakened immunity and stress. In places the lesions itch and redness in the running stage of the disease shingles takes the form of pronounced bubbles with white purulent content.

Ringworm is impossible to comb, and appeared rash to squeeze. Such actions will lead to the spread of the infection and defeat much larger areas.

Pityriasis rosea, as its name implies, is a skin disease in the form of pink scaly lesions on the skin. The causes are failures of the immune system of the body and hypothermia. The disease is accompanied by itching and a fever. Pink spots appear first in one place and then spread throughout the body. Most often, pink zoster spread through contact with old things, furniture, where the bacteria can live for a long time dormant.

Lichen planus on the skin looks like a rounded swelling of the corresponding color, which are accompanied by itching. Among the causes is called a viral infection. Applies not only to skin but also to mucous membranes, and nail and scalp.

Shingles manifests itself on the human body in the area of the solar plexus under the breast between the shoulder blades on the back. Accompanied by severe pain and itching. Causes of lichen can be hypothermia, stress, disruption of the immune system.

Ringworm affects the skin of the head. The reason for this kind of lichen - a fungus that is transmitted through personal hygiene items intended for head and also through the hats. Lichen is manifested in the form of crusts of pink color under the hair, accompanied by itching and peeling.

Pityriasis versicolor is a consequence of the excessive sweating body in the hot season. Halo distribution are chest, back and shoulders. In these places formed pink spots, which eventually coalesce into a solid mass. Transmitted through bed linen and personal hygiene items.