Advice 1: In how long contagious ringworm

Ringworm is an infectious skin disease marked by the appearance of itchy rashes on the skin. Especially susceptible children and adults with weak immune systems.
In how long contagious ringworm
The main reason for disease ringworm – a fungal bacteria and microorganisms, which, when applied to the skin, begin to develop rapidly. The owners of a strong immune system that is able to deal with the threat from the outside and not allow the disease to progress, can not be infected even after close contact with sick animals or people.

Most susceptible to this ailment men and women after 30 years with weakened protective forces of an organism. Often the disease occurs in the nervous system after experienced stressful situations. Also, scientists tend to the version about the genetic predisposition of a person.

The symptoms and treatment of lichen

To recognize the infected by ringworm is very simple. The main symptoms are strong itching of the affected parts of the body, pigmentation changes, flaking small areas of the skin. The sooner shingles is identified, the easier it is to get rid of it and less likely to infect others.
In order to avoid serious consequences and complex forms of lichen, when the diagnosis at the disease you must immediately contact the STI clinic.

At home treatment involves the following: treatment of the affected area of the skin with iodine and sulfuric ointment, receiving immunomodulators. You should avoid getting water on the infected area, otherwise there is risk of depriving spread throughout the body.

The types of lichen

There are different kinds of lichen:

- simple bubble;
- cutting or microspores;
- tinea;
red flat;
- pityriasis.

Each of these diseases require special treatment. Therefore, the qualified help of a dermatologist are essential.

The duration of the disease

Do not forget that shingles is contagious disease. It is likely to catch ringworm and spread it to other during the whole time of the disease. A simple average of the extent of the disease are fully cured within 1 month. During the whole time of treatment should be tested for the presence of the fungus, and the first negative analysis does not speak about the full recovery. The patient is considered healthy when it receives three negative analysis. The treatment is completed.
Ringworm appears around turn 1-3 weeks after contact with a fungus on the human skin. This period is called incubation – shingles yet not noticeable, but bacteria and fungi already spread.

So, the total period of the disease ranges from 6 to 9 weeks, and during this time herpes can be transmitted. You should avoid bodily contact with infected, do not use garments and utensils of the patient frequent airing of the premises to take drugs to strengthen the immune system. Under these rules the risk of infection is reduced.

Advice 2: How to recognize ringworm in humans

Lichen – not the most pleasant topic of conversation. Therefore, in order not to offend his counterpart questions about the disease, learn the symptoms of different types of lichen, in order to determine how dangerous one or the other.
How to recognize ringworm in humans
Please note, if the human body yellowish-pinkish spots rounded shape. A spot may be one, but very large ("parent metal"). Pay attention to the skin around the spots: if it is pink lichen need to peel and itch. However, these rashes do not require treatment and disappear by themselves after 1-1. 5 months, as they have a viral nature and may be a reaction, for example, a cold or hypothermia. As this type of lichen usually appears on the scalp, back and neck, limbs, watch for these body parts, if there are similar formations. Sometimes shingles can be placed in the mouth area.
If you noticed on the skin a reddish-bluish rash consisting of spots with a diameter of 2-5 mm, then he is suffering from lichen planus. A lichen usually appears in the folds of the elbows, on the wrists, forearms, feet and sacrum.
Look at the scalp, torso and limbs of a man. If the skin visible grayish-white scales, and one of the lesions of lichen is larger than the other, it is likely that you are suffering from ringworm. The spots usually have irregular shapes, but do not merge with each other. In advanced disease, the lesions may form crusts and pustules. Pay special attention to the scalp: when ringworm is clearly noticeable damaged hair roots in the outbreak of the disease.
If the person shortly before that had chicken pox or have contact with an infected with the virus patients, check to see if he had any symptoms of herpes zoster. One of the initial to strong, painful itchy skin on one of the sides of the body. After that usually appears rashes, spots, which increase rapidly and rose red. After a few days the spots turn into blisters filled with clear fluid. Their appearance may be accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes. In turn, the vesicles quickly dry up, and formed a crust disappears.
Ringworm, the fungal nature of pityriasis (multicolored) you can see on any part of the body especially on the chest, back and underarms. If a tanned person on the body of a pale spot, it may well be tinea versicolor. This form usually does not cause any subjective sensations and a person can for a long time to be sick, not noticing that his health is not all right.
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