What are the different types of lichen

Modern medicine distinguishes between several different kinds of lichen:
- multi-colored, or scaly;
red flat;
- cutting;
- shingles (viral origin).
Shingles most commonly occurs in children and people with weakened immune systems or not adhering to personal hygiene.

These species of lichen are distinguished from each other by the localization and character of the rash.

Ways of infection ringworm

Many doctors agree that all types of lichen able to be transferred from a sick to a healthy person. However, there are varieties of this disease that are not transmitted to others and are a feature of the organism or the immune system of a specific person.
Sometimes ringworm can be transmitted in the pool, bath, sauna. Also, it can be transmitted through the sand on the beach, if it was sick.

Among the types of depriving contagious it should be noted tinea, pink, cutting. The most common of them is pityriasis versicolor, which is often infected people through household items. That's why it's so important to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, and use microbicides.

It is worth saying that there are several ways of Contracting the mange, and each type of this disease, they separate. However, you can highlight a whole group of transmission paths of lichen, typical of many species:
- through direct contact with the patient deprive a person (kiss, handshake, different touch);
- using of infected animals (through close contact);
- through things, household products, which were suffering from ringworm people (the clothes of the patient, his linen, handrails in public transport, the door handle in the store).

How to prevent ringworm infection

To avoid Contracting ringworm, it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene:
wash your hands after visiting public places and walks;
- each member of the family to use their towel, hairbrush, and his utensils.
If you suspect this disease should immediately consult a dermatologist.

While in the house to deprive the patient should limit its impact on the rest of the family. It needs to use separate hygiene items and household, as well as individual sheets that are then indulge in a thorough treatment. In addition, since the occurrence of this disease is also associated with the immune system, need to systematically strengthen your immune system to prevent zoster and other skin diseases.