In order to be able to correctly diagnose ringworm, you need to know what it is. In fact, ringworm is not even one disease but a whole range of skin diseases that have a fungal origin. In some cases, the culprits of infecting children with ringworm can become animals, but most often it is acquired the other way. The route of infection of the child is important in the right treatment, so it's still the most reliable way to find out the possible cause of depriving.
The main symptom of zoster is the occurrence of multiple foci of cutaneous lesions on abdomen, legs, shoulders. In addition, sometimes the ringworm is found on the nails and on the hair of the head, but in these cases most often diagnose the disease is already a doctor, so how do you know that it is ringworm, it is quite difficult.
At the beginning of its development, all the spots have a pale pink color and flaky surface, but much discomfort to the child they do not deliver. In that case, if the baby's immunity is weakened, it may increase the temperature and be swollen lymph nodes, but this symptom is quite rare.
It should be remembered that in the early development of the disease is seen in just one spot, but after 7-10 days pink spots spread throughout the body. The child may feel a slight itching, which he does not pay much attention and may consider it a consequence of irritation of the skin clothing.
The spots rapidly increase in size but never become and have a clear outline. To say exactly whether the pink spot is a manifestation of lichen, can only be a dermatologist, because in some cases, similar symptoms can be observed during a normal allergic reaction. To confirm the diagnosis carried out laboratory examination of a scraping of the skin with lesions, and inspection in light of the special lamp in the office of the dermatologist.