By purchasing a universal remote, don't throw away available normal. They can be used at any time, for example, if the generic fails, and if it is storage, for re training after a change of batteries. In addition, the universal remotecould not be certain buttons that are not on staff and you may need to change the settings of the instrument.
If the remote is not memory, and programmable codes, find it in the instructions list these codes. Press the programming key select desired camera. The led lights up. Enter the digits of the code number by selecting it from the list by manufacturer and type of apparatus. The led will turn off. If one code does not fit, and the instructions for the same combination of manufacturer and type of machine they are multiple - try another one.
If the manufacturer of the device is not listed in the instructions, first turn the machine on from the front panel or the regular remoteOhm. Click on the universal remote controllere simultaneously, key programming and key selection of the desired apparatus. Start to press on the universal remotee button on power up until the unit shuts down. After that again press programming.
Most storage panels, in contrast to the majority of the panels programmable codes, the user interface is not standardized. Before learning the consoleand first check of the device you want to manage, ready code. On the way you enter it find out in the instructions. If the code is not ready or he didn't; realize training. By entering the remote is in the corresponding mode, press each key or first on regular, then on Hobujaama panele, or Vice versa, depending on the model of the latter. If the storage panele less keys than a regular, program only those that you need. In the absence of keys with various names program neighbouring, unused, pre-writing their names on regular storage and the remoteAh.