Turn on the device for which you want to configure a universal remote control Thomson. As the device can be a TV, DVD player, satellite receiver, etc.
When setting up to operate the TV, press on the remote the TV button and hold until led starts flashing. Then use the numeric buttons to enter the code that corresponds to the model of your TV. Usually in the manual that came with the universal remote, see the table with codes for different models of devices. If your specific model in the manual, try to use the codes for other devices of the same manufacturer. While you don't make large pauses between keystrokes.
If all the settings required to operate the device are contained in the remote control will flashing diode on a custom TV. If not, try another code.
Check the operability of the settings. Point your universal remote at the TV and run one of the operations, such as turning off and turning on, changing channels, adjusting sound. If all operations are performed, setting is made correctly.
Another option to crack the code for the custom device is in the automatic scan. To do this, after you turn on the TV and press the TV button point the universal remote at the TV. Click the up arrow to move to the next code (the down arrow button to go to previous). When choosing the right code the TV will turn off. To memorize, press the Enter button.
Similarly, you can configure the universal remote to work with other devices. Instead of the TV button and hold the grip to flash the led button that corresponds to the custom device. For example, the DVD for DVD-player, SAT for satellite receiver, etc.