Advice 1: How to make a toy yo-yo

A fascinating and entertaining toy yo-yo (her), able for a long time to take the child and almost every adult. The charm of this thing in its simplicity. Today there are various styles of play and the yo-yo. Has its Champions and its Champions. In the CIS this invention is also a disturbance.
How to make a toy yo-yo
The working principle of the miracle of the hopper in its form. Newtonian force and nothing more. Based on the postulates of the theory of gravitation, the important thing for toys properly selected counterweight. The second issue is the ideal round shape, elasticity threads, its tensile strength and toughness of a coherent structure.
In fact, to make the yo-yo is not difficult. The toy has a lot in common with the spool of thread Soviet model. That's just the wings are a little wider. And here it is idea number one.
How to make a toy yo-yo
In order to make it possible to use wooden coil from under the thread. To the front coil, you need to stick circles of equal diameter. Better if they will have the sides bent inward. You should provide Your yo-yo counterweight. Great to play that role scored in the center of the coil nail or other metal, heavy rod. It is very important that the load was distributed evenly and in the centre, this is another reason the coil fit perfectly.
How to make a toy yo-yo
To make circles with sides from cans. Their edges easily deform and bend. In addition, they will give a special charm to the yard toy. Alternatively, can also provide plastic plates, bottle caps and other creative material.
How to make a toy yo-yo
The second interesting option for the DIY, it's wheels. To make her comfortable and heavy enough you can use plastic wheels for roller-skating or skateboarding. To connect two such wheels, due to the presence of industrial thread. The only negative can be difficult and traumatic. However, like any of them.
How to make a toy yo-yo
Ideas for implementation can be found in building the Arsenal, and at the toy store. The main thing to take care is to find items that would meet the needs of toys.
How to make a toy yo-yo

Advice 2 : How to play the yo-yo

Play yo-yo (her) is quite fashionable, this game enjoys wide popularity among the more advanced youth in America and Europe. At first glance, stunts games, yo-yo seem confusing, but when you start to play it, it will be clear that to master its rules is not difficult.

In Russia this kind of games is just beginning to develop, but not yet so popular. To learn how to play it, you should learn a few simple rules of the game and explore some well-known tricks.

  1. The correct winding of the rope. In order to the yo-yo to wind the rope, she is taken in the left hand, and only one turn so that the rope passed around your finger. Then you need to move the finger with the loop and make four simple round. You can then remove your finger and wind remaining rope.

  2. Now, take the yo-yo in the other hand (right). In this case, the rope must remain tied to your middle finger and wind around the yo-yo from the top end.

  3. Arm bent at the elbow so that the yo-yo began to be on the level of your eyes.

  4. After completing all the instructions, now it should drastically lower the arm down, producing the emission of a yo-yo. In this case, your palm should be turned upwards as soon as the yo-yo to unwind completely, you need to deploy the palm of your hand and gently pull the rope to yo-yo back to your hand.

The trick is called "star" can help you to learn how to play yo-yo (her).

  1. Yo-yo you should throw in the side and put in front of him, the index finger on his left hand so that the yo-yo wrapped around the finger and returned to the rope. This trick is used as the basis for many other more complicated tricks.

  2. A large finger on his left hand grabs the rope, and the thumb on his right hand pulls one of the two pieces of ropes that are wound on the index finger on his left hand. At the end of the manipulation, you'll have a shape that resembles a star.

The trick is called "Bunny"

  1. Begins to run as a "star", but a yo-yo is thrown not through the index finger and using the thumb on his left hand.

  2. 2. First yo-yo is tossed around the index finger on his right hand, then left. Yo-yo also caught on the rope.

  3. Now the far part of the rope is reset with the index finger on his right hand. At the end of the manipulation, you'll have a figure that resembles a Bunny.

Advice 3 : How to choose wheels for my skateboard

Wheel is perhaps the most important part of the skate, which largely determines its characteristics. Even if the skateboard is simple, with good and properly selected wheels it will still demonstrate excellent ride quality.
How to choose wheels for my skateboard

The size of the wheels

Diameter is one of the most important parameters of the wheel, which greatly affects the driving characteristics of the skateboard.

Small radius is the value from 48 to 52 mm. These wheels are perfect for very smooth surfaces such as special coatings in skate parks or very fresh and high quality asphalt. They will provide the Board with unprecedented maneuverability. But high speed with these wheels, not to develop, and any obstacle can be for them.

The average radius of from 50 to 52 mm – great for conventional asphalt in the streets. But a large radius (from 52 to 56 mm, and more) gives you the real speed and great maneuverability of the skateboard in terms of cracks, chips, or other obstructions on the pavement. But these wheels are the most difficult.

Optimal for normal driving can be considered wheels from 52 to 54 mm, it is the middle option that enables you how to jump on ramps, and good control of your skateboard on the street.

It should be remembered that sooner or later the wheel will still wear out, so buying too small without clear objectives is not necessary.

Choosing a good wheel, don't forget about the bearings. They also must be of good quality and brand, otherwise the wheels will not show itself in all its force.

Soft or hard

Hard wheels are better hold speed and accelerate faster, and soft, but can do well with noise like twigs, stones or cracks. Rigidity is marked with the parameter "A", the hard wheels – 101A. For street riding it is better to take a fairly rigid, not below 98A, otherwise you'll have to crawl in the rear, riding with a group of friends.

For many skaters an important parameter of the wheels is the color or the pattern they depict. Undoubtedly, it deserves attention, but remember that the quality of skiing has no effect.

Brand or "since"?

Brand wheels, of course, guarantee you a certain level of quality, but the price is slightly higher than the Chinese ones. Among the brands you can select those for whom the wheel is a main product, and those that make the wheels together with other sports equipment. Most known for their quality following brands: Pig Wheels, Аutobahn, Spitfire, Hubba Wheels, Ricta, Satori Wheels. Other very good proizvoditeli: Element, Toy Machine, Black Label, Zero.

Good wheels for the skateboard cost about 1200-1500 rubles per set.
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