Tips for choosing a piggy Bank

The first thing to pay attention to the shape of the future piggy Bank. By what you will store your money, will depend on its imminent fulfillment. Psychics are advised to give preference to funds in the form of animals - e.g., pigs, dogs, cats, horses and owls.

Piggy-pig. Symbolizing wealth, it will bring home wealth and prosperity. Given the fact that the pig is omnivorous, the money she can throw all sorts ranging from small coins to large paper bills. To attract the money beside piggy put an acorn or figurines of piglets and wipe her nose.
Piggy Bank in the form of pigs must stand in a conspicuous place and be updated daily at least a few coins.

Piggy-cat, according to one version, can serve as a faithful assistant in collecting money for things associated with beauty and health. For these purposes, it is recommended to keep on the bedside table among the female set. Another version says that the cat as a symbol of cunning, attracted not only their money but also other people. Therefore, it is best to place in a conspicuous place in the corridor or hall. It is not excluded that your family members will also from time to time to increase your income for your contributions.

Piggy-dog. The dog symbolizes protection and loyalty, save your cash and help save up for needed purchases.

Piggy Bank horse will be a perfect choice for those who want to quickly collect the necessary sum of money.

Piggy Bank-owl will tell you how to wisely manage money and not spend it on unnecessary things.

In addition, other accumulation of money can serve as a piggy-box. Symbolizing reliability and material well-being, it can help to save money on housing. For this you need to put inside a picture of your home and thrown into a trunk is only paper money.

Three main points when selecting the right piggy Bank

When choosing a piggy Bank has the largest value of its color. The most successful colors for attracting money are gold, green and purple. You should pay attention to the hole in the piggy Bank to throw money. Having defined the shape and color, make sure you have equally convenient slot for coins and bills.
Please note that to buy the Treasury should be in new moon to rising moon to grow and your financial well-being, and after the purchase hold a special ceremony for her charge.

Don't forget to confirm the presence of product at the bottom of the holes for taking money. Despite the fact that it is advisable to get them by the symbolic breaking of a piggy Bank, more practical option is to purchase reusable products.

And finally, of course, what would you piggy Bank may have bought, in this case a huge role is played by your attitude and the desire to accumulate. Be motivated and energetic, and you will succeed!