The choice of purse

First, the wallet that attracts money, should be the "correct" color. It can be all shades of red, because red is considered to be active. In addition to the "money" colors include gold and silver, as symbolize wealth. Brown denotes a fertile land and can also be selected. A green color represents growth, flowering and fruiting, and therefore in a green purse bills will multiply. In any case, the color of the purse must please the owner and may trigger pleasant emotions and associations. Only in this case he can magically attract money.

Secondly, the purse should be from substandard materials: fabric, polyethylene, plastic. From this accessory comes energy poverty, and therefore large bills there are unlikely to appear. The material should be natural and not artificial. It is better to choose a purse made of suede or leather. There have to be offices and for coins and large bills.

The use of the purse

In a new purse it is recommended to put either a coin or a bill to spend or exchange is unacceptable under any circumstances. On signs, they "visit" will come more money, which means that the purse will never be empty.

In addition, newly acquired purse for a while suggest to put precious or semiprecious stone, for example, alexandrite, pearl, amethyst or Topaz. Gem subsequently must be removed, and in its place put a piece of cinnamon. Semi-precious stone can be left. This ritual will attract money.

With the same purpose, it is recommended to put in a new wallet a piece of shit, but it must be grown independently. Can be put in the compartment with a piece of branches of Heather. According to legends, it attracts wealth. To steer money good as mint, clover, grapes, green and black tea. Enough to put one leaf of any of these plants in the bag.

Not necessary to use all these money talismans at the same time. Just need one most suitable.

Secondly, it is essential that the purse is always of order prevailed. It should be no extraneous matter: business cards, crumpled receipts, transportation passes, and nothing like them. This applies not only bill compartments, and coin pocket.

Sami bills should be in the wallet smooth, not crumpled, not folded in half and placed the same side face. The face is the specified state number, and double-headed eagle. In addition, bills must be in ascending order.

Thirdly, the wallet must be treated gently. Not worth it to drop. And even with him you need to talk and tell him nice things.