To put money on a book, you first need to sign her in. Please contact the district office of the savings Bank. With a sure to bring a valid passport.
In the savings Bank, locate the window that says "Operations on deposits". The employee of this Department you need to design books.
Give the window a passport and tell me what contribution you wish to make. The list of their possible to know in advance on the official website of Sberbank Get comprehensive information from employees of the Bank and of the booklets located at the information desks.
Further, the controller of the Bank will prepare a contract for the provision of services for deposits. Please read them and sign your name. One copy remains in the archives of a financial institution, the other you have on hand.
Then will be opened a personal account and feature savings book. The minimum amount for registration of the Deposit - 10 rubles.
Put the money into the account in cash Desk of Sberbank. Pre-employee, designed the book, will give you a token number. Give it to the cashier and tell me how much you want to make.
Count the right amount of money and give them to the Bank employee. He will prepare credit and debit order (check) stating the amount of the contribution. For them are made all payment and cash operations. You must sign this document. Check passport information legibly and sign. Subsequently, these warrants can be used for identification. Any discrepancy can lead to problems with receipt of funds from the Deposit.
Remember that to withdraw or Deposit money you can only the Department that issued the book. To do this, simply contact the box office by presenting a valid passport.