Advice 1: Where to hide money at home

If you do not trust their savings to banks and do not want to invest in the securities note a few practical recommendations, where to hide your money at home and where to store them is not necessary.
Where to hide money at home

Top 10 most unsuccessful geocaching

Based on reports crime news, most of the victims kept their money at home in such places as:
- wardrobe with linen;
- a drawer;
under the mattress of the bed;
- on the mezzanine;
for painting;
- behind the mirror;
- in the book;
- a Bank for the storage of cereals;
- in the vents and pipes;
in the rear wall of appliances (fridge, microwave, washing machine) and drain the barrel of the toilet.

That is why in such places, money is not recommended to hide.

Top 12 best hiding places for your money

Unfortunately, in most criminal cases, a professional thief can for 5-15 minutes to find and open the geocache. But still try to protect yourself worth it. But because your attention is invited to the Top 12 most reliable hiding places in the house.
Use your imagination and before you choose a hiding place in the apartment, imagine yourself in the role of a thief.

Option 1: a hiding place in the socket. To do this, make a hole in the wall and close his fake cover under the outlet.

Option 2: hiding in the frame. You can buy a box in a specialty store or make it yourself.

Option 3: a hiding place in a drawer with socks. To do this, make an extra pan and put it in the mess of socks or other small things.

Option 4: the cache in the doorway. In this place you can hide for a small amount of value.

Option 5: the cache in the keyboard. However, if the thief will be able to know about him, it is likely that the money will be stolen along with the computer.

Option 6: a hiding place in vegetables or fruit. You can buy artificial vegetable and put it in the vault with these.

Option 7: the hiding place in the garden. For this you should take the necessary size plastic bottle or jar, to put your valuables in, tightly closed, glue it to the lid of a stone and bury it in a secluded place in the garden. Stone will serve as your pointer.

Option 8: a hiding place in a flower pot with a double bottom.

Option 9: a hiding place in the normal log. But note that it must lie down in his place and not be evident.

Option 10: dual-stash-safe. Purchase two safes. First put a small amount that you are willing to sacrifice. From our experience, thieves are limited in time. So when they find one safe, they will not be delayed in order to find the second.

Option 11: a hiding place in a child's toy. Children usually hide their secrets from parents in toys. Because of their large numbers and their perpetual confusion in the child thief will be difficult to find the toy stash.

Option 12: the stash in the stack of paper.
If you are going for a long time to be absent, it is always safer to carry on their savings in a Bank cell.

But note that this is only a small part of a secret places to hide your money. For complete protection of your valuables install in your home alarm system. Take care of yourself and your home!

Advice 2 : How to securely hide money

People hide money in order that they not have got someone else. Someone wants to hide a pittance, and someone very large sums of money. In each case the person shows imagination and is looking for a place that nobody can find. The reliability of a cache depends on many factors.
How to securely hide money

Why you need to hide money? In the first place private savings hidden from thieves. Money can hide from the state, neighbors and family members. Older people trying to save a pension, a stash money for a rainy day, and some want to hide stolen money.

Before you hide the money, you need to decide who it was from. This decision will depend on the place where will be your hiding place. Very often wives hide money from spouses. This happens in families where one member of the family has bad habits and maybe one day down the whole family budget. To hide the money in this case is not difficult. You can use any came to mind. It could be a cache under the floorboards, books, linens, jars of cereal, behind the mirror in the wardrobe with clothes, in the refrigerator, in the bathroom, that's how much is enough imagination.

Hide money from thieves much more difficult. If you want to Rob a thief-lover, then the security will be sufficiently strong doors with good locks. The apartments on the first floor the window on a plank. Put the money in a safe with a combination lock, so the cache can not handle petty thieves.

Very often the victim of robbers are people on their own do not care, and forgetfulness. An open door or window provides an easy access to the apartment. You can Rob the homeless, teenagers, vagrants or neighbors. In this case, grab everything that comes their way – wallet, phone, credit card, clothing, etc.

To protect against such intruders need to be vigilant and follow simple safety measures. To fool a professional thief harder. To open the most difficult lock for it is not too difficult. In addition, an experienced thief knows all the hiding places tricky. Therefore, to hide from him the accumulated funds is very difficult. If you really have something valuable, then you need to maximize the time of entry into the apartment. And the values themselves to hide so that there was no trace.

Powerful steel door and alarm system will create the process of robbery is very difficult. The more time a thief spends on the opening of the doors, the less time it will remain in search of your stash. The triggered alarm will scare the burglar. To take such a risk can only Pro and only for specific values.

The more time you spend on disguise your stash, the harder it will be to find. If you hide your money in the wall, observing all the rules of the masking and the hiding place will not prostukivaniya, find it almost impossible. If you break all the walls with a hammer, and such a cache will find, however, how much time and effort it would take.

The most reliable means is a Bank cell. Rent a Bank cell, and put all your money and valuables. There just will not get. Money on a Bank Deposit, as well well protected, however, during a crisis account may be blocked.

Hiding money wisely. You can make a few hiding places. Also a large sum of money kept in the Bank, and a small cash reserve to leave the house. That is, you need to follow the simple and safe rule is "never put all your eggs in one basket".

And the most ancient and reliable way of saving money is a treasure. If you have land, then you can bury all your valuables in the ground, as did people many years ago. Your treasures no one can find because to dig the whole plot is very difficult. Dig to the night that nobody saw.

It is not necessary to do a lot of hiding places, because hiding the money from others, to hide from itself. Don't get too attached, as they themselves forget where they have hidden.

Advice 3 : Where to hide money in the apartment

It so happened that the Russian people do not trust banks, so all my wages are trying to keep the house. Every thief tries to find and carry with you as a more fashionable valuables from the house. And the task of honest citizens is to keep their values.
Where people hide money
The apartment is at first glance not too many places to hide the money. But on second glance, these are a lot of places. Wanting to keep earned, people hide money in places that is simply impossible to guess. But there is another category of people – those just taking value away from the eyes – if we cannot see it, then you will not find.

How to hide money

Time the thief not so much. At any time in the apartment can enter the home – then, certainly not sdobrovat. So thieves don't like to spend a lot of time looking. The harder it is to get money – so they are safer hidden.

If you save up money and report them to the Treasury, you need to have fairly easy access to his stash. But the place must be standard, your own, which the thief will be difficult to guess.

If you hide the money for the wardrobe, the thief will be tubal to get them. But the fact that the Cabinet is moved often, it will be seen, and guess where the money is, not so difficult.

And it is best to have several caches, which will be a certain amount. Finding a "Zakharenko", the thief can calm down and leave the apartment, leaving the savings untouched.

Where not to hide money

The money should not have to hide in such places as:
- box in the Desk;
- under the cloth of the table;
- under the mattress;
for Wallpaper;
- in the refrigerator;
- the pillow;
- in the closet in linen;
- in the soft toy;
in the pockets of clothing.

The list can be continued indefinitely. These are easily accessible and understandable place thieves visiting in the first place. That is, the money should not be hidden in such places, access to which does not require much physical effort and strong mental stress.

Where to hide money

Hiding money is needed in such areas, access to which requires significant overhead on the part of the thief. About hidden behind the wardrobe is not difficult to guess, but it is difficult to push. The money hidden in "bombs" on the chandelier is not difficult to Unscrew, but you need to guess that there may be savings. The ledge difficult to remove and difficult to guess about the money in it.

Like so you have to talk, hiding their savings. If the house has a lot of books, you can hide money in books. This method is dangerous because if a thief did decide to look into them, you can easily detect accumulation. The book is not difficult to flip up the spine and shake. If the money in the book is not fixed, then they will be thrown out.

You can arrange to have the apartment hiding place. The recesses are arranged in places where they are not visible. The drawer under the window sill with a double bottom, a shelf in the pantry, a little shorter than the rest; a small box taped to the bottom shelf obuvnitsy. This list can also be continued indefinitely.

The safest place to store money is safe. Even if the thief finds it, without skills would not bother with opening the door. But the presence of safety Deposit box requires the presence of serious savings, so a thief could come back.

Hide money in a stash, but a safe put a couple of bills. And you can mess with the thieves putting in the safe "Fig" from the store funny gifts.

But it's safest to keep money in the Bank. Make a term Deposit that neither you yourself nor anyone else was able to take the money from the Bank before a certain time. But if fear of default, you keep their savings in hard currency.
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