Top 10 most unsuccessful geocaching

Based on reports crime news, most of the victims kept their money at home in such places as:
- wardrobe with linen;
- a drawer;
under the mattress of the bed;
- on the mezzanine;
for painting;
- behind the mirror;
- in the book;
- a Bank for the storage of cereals;
- in the vents and pipes;
in the rear wall of appliances (fridge, microwave, washing machine) and drain the barrel of the toilet.

That is why in such places, money is not recommended to hide.

Top 12 best hiding places for your money

Unfortunately, in most criminal cases, a professional thief can for 5-15 minutes to find and open the geocache. But still try to protect yourself worth it. But because your attention is invited to the Top 12 most reliable hiding places in the house.
Use your imagination and before you choose a hiding place in the apartment, imagine yourself in the role of a thief.

Option 1: a hiding place in the socket. To do this, make a hole in the wall and close his fake cover under the outlet.

Option 2: hiding in the frame. You can buy a box in a specialty store or make it yourself.

Option 3: a hiding place in a drawer with socks. To do this, make an extra pan and put it in the mess of socks or other small things.

Option 4: the cache in the doorway. In this place you can hide for a small amount of value.

Option 5: the cache in the keyboard. However, if the thief will be able to know about him, it is likely that the money will be stolen along with the computer.

Option 6: a hiding place in vegetables or fruit. You can buy artificial vegetable and put it in the vault with these.

Option 7: the hiding place in the garden. For this you should take the necessary size plastic bottle or jar, to put your valuables in, tightly closed, glue it to the lid of a stone and bury it in a secluded place in the garden. Stone will serve as your pointer.

Option 8: a hiding place in a flower pot with a double bottom.

Option 9: a hiding place in the normal log. But note that it must lie down in his place and not be evident.

Option 10: dual-stash-safe. Purchase two safes. First put a small amount that you are willing to sacrifice. From our experience, thieves are limited in time. So when they find one safe, they will not be delayed in order to find the second.

Option 11: a hiding place in a child's toy. Children usually hide their secrets from parents in toys. Because of their large numbers and their perpetual confusion in the child thief will be difficult to find the toy stash.

Option 12: the stash in the stack of paper.
If you are going for a long time to be absent, it is always safer to carry on their savings in a Bank cell.

But note that this is only a small part of a secret places to hide your money. For complete protection of your valuables install in your home alarm system. Take care of yourself and your home!