Determine with a compass in his home area of Wealth – it is in the South-Eastern part. In this sector must be dominated by two elements – Water and Wood. Note: to dominate, but do not suppress each other. One of the Golden rules of Feng Shui – the observance of moderation in all things. Now you have to activate this area.
Put it in the wealth area of the living tree – krasula, better known under the name money tree or jade. Masters of Feng Shui say that fit any other plant, the leaves of which resemble coins. Not suitable only cactus. If the zone of Wealth in your home is located in a place where it is impossible to grow a live tree, do not worry, it will fit and painted. Draw it yourself. Instead of leaves draw the bills and coins, arrange in a frame and hang on the wall. The symbol of Feng Shui ready, soon he will start to work on your material well-being.
Fill the zone of Wealth wooden figurines. You can buy them in a specialty store, and you can do yourself. In the case may go to the roots, planks, twigs, etc. connect imagination. The main condition is that crafts have to like you, not to annoy. Complement the area of different mobiles – wind chimes, figurines of laughing Buddha, polydrama-poluchenipi, a three-legged frog with a coin in his mouth. Appropriate also have a box filled with jewels, Treasury, and other things related to money and wealth.
Next, activate the element of Water is almost the most important symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. At the same time, Water is a very powerful element, and if you overdo it, it will start to inhibit the Tree. In this case, must be a perfect balance. Bearing in mind that in Feng Shui a lot is conditional, enable intuition – only she can tell you the perfect ratio of Water and Wood. You have to feel comfort while being surrounded by arranged in the area of Wealth things. Start the aquarium. Dwelt in it 9 the fish. Fish in China is considered a symbol of abundance, doubling its power in combination with water. If you have no time to take care of the tank, put in the area of Wealth any vessel with water and regularly topped up with fresh (well put in a vessel of silver thing, which provides clean water). If it bothers you, hang on wall painting, picture or photograph of the water (not a waterfall flowing water "wash away" the future wealth).
Make sure to respect the color scheme of the zone of Wealth. The tree represents the color green, Water blue, purple, purple, black. The universal color of wealth and prosperity in China is a combination of blue and red colors. Creative connect, create, invent, combine. Don't forget that Feng Shui is a beautiful language of symbols.