Red envelope is one of the most powerful talismans to attract money and wealth. Take the paper red A4 and stepping back from the edge, see the two fold. This will be the flap of the envelope. The rest of the paper, fold in half, the future of envelope glue glue or double-sided tape.
Glue or draw on the envelope, various symbols of wealth and prosperity. They can be a dragon, a Phoenix, a blooming Lotus, peony, or any other. Pick a picture online and print it out. You can take a picture from a magazine or greeting card. It is better to take finished drawings with the characters of Feng Shui as yourself to play them hard.
Apply a red envelope drawings helium handle or loop gold color. This color is actively helping the red color, attracting home and business good fortune and money. You can focus Golden color on the finished drawings.
Put a red envelope is a talisman to attract money to the area of wealth and prosperity. Regularly his bills. The main condition is not to spend money from the envelope. This mascot must be the character for "wealth".