The cultivation period from 1 month to 3 - very important in the life of a puppy. At this time he is developing and growing. Diet full. It is necessary to give milk, beef, sea fish, greens, vegetables, cereals. Be sure to add mineral supplements.
клички для западно сибирской лайки
Puppies feed at least 5-6 times a day. Let small portions. Meat and fish boil, grind in a meat grinder. Gradually begin to give the finely chopped pieces of food. Don't feed your dog fatty meats, beef or chicken. All other varieties of meat to give not recommended. Be sure to enter in the diet of cheese, dried fruit and raw egg.
как содержать лайку
Puppies eat a little, but it should not disturb the host. Huskies eat far less compared to other dog breeds. The main thing that should be concerned, it is not the quantity of food eaten and its quality.
когка ушки должны стоять
If the puppy has a good appetite is present, then the number of feedings should be increased.
как кормить беременных собак
To strengthen teeth let's dice (not tubular), stew, tendon, raw. Cooked bones are poorly absorbed.
протекает беременность у собак
Adult dog translate into 2-3 feeding a day. Be sure to give protein foods, vegetables, raw and boiled. Before increased loads, the amount of protein and proteins to increase.
Never mix dry dog food with the usual food. This dog will be upset stomach.
Salt in food need to lay down, but not in large quantities.
Periodically, the feed add crushed garlic. It is a good prevention of worms.
Always place a bowl of clean drinking water.
The diet of pregnant and nursing dogs increase, at the expense of meat, fish, milk, vegetables and cereals. The dog put on four feeding a day.