Before taking home a husky puppy

Like any other breed, the husky requires a responsible approach when choosing. Mistake its contents in the apartment, but the house even with a not very large plot is the place for this breed, where heavy traffic is simply vital. But in a private house to contain the dog on the chain not in the breed standard laid inborn friendliness towards humans, so to keep the husky as a security guard is to maim the psyche of the dog. Husky – the great protectors, companions, and nurses, this breed is for families with children.

Care husky puppy

Thick fur husky involves grooming in the future, so a puppy with children must be accustomed to brushing, despite the fact that the coat at this age he still short and soft. The undercoat of the puppies appears to 5-6 months. By this time, and the wool becomes more hard, you receive the guard hairs, such as dogs. Regular brushing, especially during moulting and will prevent the stalling and the formation of tangles. But note that touching the brush to the tail gives the dog the unpleasant feeling, so that part of her attire is best to comb when the puppy rests.

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Before the coat becomes hard, the puppy can be bathed once in 2-3 months. After his body is covered by a dense coat, bathing can be canceled or, if you so desire, do it not more often than once a year. Care permanent hair use a special brush with natural bristles – this is a wonderful massage that improves blood circulation, and cleaning. In the case where during the rainy weather the dog has dirty paws and belly, just wipe them with a damp sponge, back home.

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Regularly check the claws on the paws of the puppy, if he often runs around the house or on a soft soil at the site, they are not to grind, so they must be cut with special pliers. It is periodically necessary to clean the puppy's ears using a cotton swab soaked in boric acid or hydrogen peroxide.

What to feed a husky puppy

The puppy is properly developed, it needs well-chosen diet rich in protein, fats and vitamins. In the first 2-3 months, the puppy should five meals a day, then the number of feedings is reduced and by the year the dog will have to go to two meals a day. Be sure to give your puppy milk products, quail eggs in raw or cooked form, you can give a 2-3 frame per week.

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Please note that the husky, even in childhood, are not "brutal" appetite, but like fish and puppies and adult dogs. To give them you can only fish from the sea, making sure that the bones in it. Meat – raw beef, scalded with boiling water, you can give by-products, chicken, Turkey – not the tubular bones. The main part of the diet of 50-70% should consist of meat products, 20-30% - vegetables and fruit Supplement, 10-20% of cereals in the form of cereals.

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