Features of the breed.

как можно назвать собаку мальчика алабая

The Northern husky dog bred as a sled dog in the far North, therefore, the representatives of this breed differ endurance and are resistant to severe cold, thick coat and undercoat. The purest representatives of this breed have unusual blue eyes, but most huskies today are brown-eyed. Their color is usually black and white, but can be presented also pale shades or white-brown.

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They are quite smart and easy to get along with people. However, his friendly disposition, huskies are not suitable as a safe guard the house. They just can't do a hostile attitude, and all attempts to break their friendliness towards a certain person end up with mental problems.

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Huskies are pretty neat dogs – they rarely unpleasant smell, and a thick coat is perfectly cleared itself. However, they still need brushing and periodic bathing.

выбрать щенка мопса при покупке

How to choose a puppy husky

Как назвать мопса

Before buying it is very important to determine the purpose of the purchase representative of this breed. If you want to participate in the exhibition or breeding of dogs, need a more rigorous approach to the choice of puppy. If you just want to have a dog as a beloved pet and friend, to buy any puppy without a long pedigree.

Then, you must find an experienced breeder with good recommendations. Today, thanks to the Internet you can find a lot of useful information on those engaged in breeding huskies, and also read the reviews of people about their work. It is also useful to meet with the breeder in person to make your own opinion about it. During a conversation it is important to ask as many questions as possible about the huskies and the pedigree of the puppies is an experienced breeder will always give full information about it.

Puppies it is advisable to choose age 6, and even better from 8 weeks – at this age, already manifested the dog's temperament and future structure. To make the right choice, it is useful to observe the puppy in natural conditions, not on the table from a breeder – then it may reveal its true nature.

You must also ask about the papers on the pet and its pedigree, see pictures of the parents. If you plan to drive it to the exhibition, it is also important to get the results of veterinary checks of the mother and father of the puppy, including x-rays of the hips and check the colors of the eye.

When choosing a puppy it is also important to trust your instinct. Do not take a puppy that is initially negatively applies to you or much afraid. Huskies are very receptive to people, so don't just look at the papers and correct development of your dog, but also try to feel intuitively in future puppy friend.