To go to study in military school - one of the surest ways to marry the right person. Life shows that most of the officers wives serve in the army. In their understanding, such a woman is easier to tolerate all the hardships and privations of military service, able to understand the essence of his professional activities. Therefore, they prefer such girls. Besides, while studying in school is more likely to have a romantic relationship with the officer and marry him.
Arrange work in a military unit. You can try yourself in the role of the employee in the officers ' mess, nurses, sisters-Housewives, a military doctor, etc. In this case, you will be surrounded by the officerof the mi, which will increase your chances of marriage.
Arrange work in a sanatorium for the military. Every year there come thousands of officers in order to relax or improve their health. And for you this is an additional opportunity to meet the person who so desired.
Attend events dedicated to officerm the army as a whole. For example, you decided with a friend to go see a show dedicated to the celebration of 23 February. It usually ends with Banquet and dance, during which you can purchase a new acquaintance.
Ask for help in marriage Agency. There will help you choose the partner according to your wishes.
Take advantage of the Internet. This method of travelers every year becomes more popular. Practice shows that to create a family with a person met online, maybe. To do this, give preference to communication on sites and forums created for the military.
Show your partner that you are not afraid of frequent moves and other challenges of life together. To conquer his heart let him know that he will take the lead in the house. And you - a full-fledged mistress brings comfort and peace in the family.