To begin to find out in your University, what power is your diploma that you accurately know their rights when moving to another country. However, the majority of universities offer to European diplomas, but not American. Therefore, most likely, you will have to do the degree verification in the United States, in other words, evaluierung it.
Decide what position you would like to take and find out if you need proof of your diploma. Some professions do not require completion of this procedure, especially at the primary level. Others, on the contrary, no legalized American degree can't even begin the job search.
If the answer is positive, ask the companies where there is required an opening, the diplomas from which agencies they will accept. This is because firms that are engaged in the acknowledgment of diplomas in the United States, quite a lot, and not all of them have the power to confirm specific specialties.
To confirm the diploma and to receive the equivalent diploma of the United States, send a copy by a specialized firm selected by you. The qualification Commission will assess your diploma and give you the American counterpart, which according to the requirements of the United States correspond to the level of your document. In this regard, it may happen that the results obtained after evaluation the degree will be lower than indicated in Russian diploma.
Do not worry and do not panic because the refresher you will need just to graduate, which is much easier to do with the initial American diploma.
In addition, you can use the American diploma not only for job search throughout the United States, but worldwide, because the U.S. diploma recognized by European companies of international level.
If you have a medical or law degree, you have to go through a more complex procedure, because in America such professions include carefully.