Combating allergies: first steps

Every day adults and children face with allergens in the air, food, environment. The use of household chemicals, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, loaded with pesticides and chemicals greatly increases the risk of adverse allergic reactions.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of material is causing you or your child inadequate skin reaction. You must immediately eliminate contact with the allergen, go on a hypoallergenic diet and try to eliminate the Allergy (dermatitis, urticaria or eczema) by using appropriate creams and ointments.

Paradoxically, in some cases, anti-Allergy creams and ointments can cause unwanted reactions, so they must choose very carefully and thoroughly.

Means for relieving irritation

One of the most popular topical treatments from skin allergies is "Fenistil gel". He has a pronounced antipruritic effect on the skin, quickly removes irritation and can act as a local anesthetic. The active ingredient in Fenistil-gel - dimetindene maleate. This tool is recommended for insect bites, urticaria, dermatoses, eczema, burns of various origins. Unfortunately, it can cause allergic reactions as side effects.

"Skin-cap" is another popular tool. However, it is several times more expensive "Fenistil gel", but from it is much less likely to happen side effects. The tool has antiproliferative, antibacterial and antifungal activity. Active substance — activated zinc pyrithione. "Skin-cap" is very good for dry skin, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis.

Cream La-KRI" has a pronounced antipruritic, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory action. It is almost entirely composed of extracts of medicinal plants — a succession, licorice, walnut, and avocado oil. This cream is recommended with a noticeable rash and redness, itching and irritation. This tool is wonderful soothes the skin, has a moisturizing and regenerating effect. Adverse actions are possible in case you are hypersensitive to members of the herbs. This tool is cheaper and "Fenistil gel" and "Skin-Cap", but in critical situations may not be as effective.