Leave is granted to all without exception to employees, if they signed an employment contract. My first leave in the workplace a citizen has the right to take after 6 months from the conclusion of the contract. This also applies to employees who have concluded fixed-term employment contract (if the period is more than 6 months). According to article 136 of the Labor Code, the vacation pay is made not later than three days before it starts.
Vacation pay should be accrued together with the last salary before the holiday. And give you are obliged not later than three days prior to your departure on schedule. So no need to worry that the rest will leave with nothing. To finalize the last days before put days of idleness you will be depending on the market on hand. If for some reason did not happen, all the blame falls entirely on the employer. He will still be obliged to pay you the appropriate amount, but in a larger size - including monetary compensation. Its size depends on the current refinancing rate of the Central Bank, as well as the number of overdue days by the employer.
What if you went to rest early and your holiday to get no time? For example, agreed with the employer and took three days at his own expense (if it is allowed by the Statute and the collective bargaining agreement). Or do you want to spend vacation on a trip and need to buy it in advance? Alas, the law is not on your side. Before you will pay the last salary, holiday pick up will not work. You can of course try to negotiate with the employer to circumvent these formalities, but remember that for breaking the law and you, and the authorities can prosecute.