The famous universities of Omsk

Before the selection Committee in many schools for applicants are held open Days.
One of the tested and oldest educational institutions in the city is Omsk state medical Academy. Here are 5 faculties, stomatological, pharmaceutical, medical, pediatric and medical preventive. The selection Committee is working on Lenin street, 12 in KAB. 107. Before 18.06.2014 by phone +7 (3812) 23 15 69 you can get advice.

Students waiting for Omsk state University of technology. Here you can obtain knowledge in the seven faculties and four institutes. The University offers an elite education, which aims the training of the new bachelors and specialists on the special fundamental program, and in the future they must draw up the technical elite of Russia. Documents should be brought to the main building of the University located on the street the World, 11.

Lovers of the Humanities should consider Omsk state University. F. M. Dostoevsky. In addition to pedagogical faculties, the University presented the faculty of international business and the faculty of computer science. Reception of documents is conducted in the second building on prospect Mira, 55A.

At the Omsk State Pedagogical University to become a teacher, or a teacher and get a degree. In order to obtain such a degree as an architect and civil engineer need to study at Siberian state automobile and highway Academy. To study veterinary medicine and engineering in Omsk state agrarian University. To go to offer them the branches of universities from Moscow, Novosibirsk, Sochi and St. Petersburg.

Secondary educational institutions of Omsk

All educational institutions has its own official website, where you can find information about admission, faculties and submit your documents for consideration at the special section.
The admissions Committee of the Medical College is working on the street Dianova, 29 in KAB. 115. For applicants of open learning Department as nursing, midwifery case, medicine, dentistry preventive and orthopedic.

The only specialized educational institution for banking profile in Omsk and Western Siberia is Omsk banking College of Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Documents are accepted after 9 and 11 classes on the specialty "banking specialist". There are full-time and extramural studies.

Among the graduates are highly valued Humanities College, Omsk aviation College. N. E. Zhukovsky, Omsk motor transport College. — In Omsk there are 41 units of secondary schools of different profiles.