Alopeciapalooza fabrics, which include satin, cotton, taffeta, calico, chiffon, Batiste, etc., very durable, absorbent, stand washing and Ironing. However, they always sit. To protect yourself, choose a fabric with the addition of polyester or Dacron. Things from 100% cotton worth buying a little more in the right size. And when they sit down after the first wash, you will be fit. Be sure to observe the recommended temperature regime of washingis indicated on the label. If this is not available, wash at 40 degrees, and if contaminated, do not exceed 60°C. Detergent use generic or soft.Ersticken of wool is very warm and a little dirty. A woolen clothes are advised not to wash and dry clean. If this is not possible hand – wash or when the power saving mode. The fabric is not of the village, it is recommended not to use water hotter than 30-40 degrees. Rinsing should be at the same temperature, adding water glycerin (1 tablespoon) or fabric softener.The wool product should not soak, wring or line dry. All of this can cause not only shrinkage, but also a strong deformation. Dry woolen thing, carefully spreading on a flat surface and tucked under her folded sheet. To avoid problems with 100% wool helps add yarns nylon, viscose or polyester. They increase the wear and the creasing of wool products, as well as reduce the likelihood of shrinkage.Flax and other Danilin is very durable, absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Products made from linen fabrics withstand washing in very hot water, but you can have a little sit down. If you don't want to prevent this possibility, buy things with the addition of polyester or viscose. Fabric of silk, rayon, nylon, polyester and acrylic do not sit down when washing, but ensure that they last longer kept its shape and form, be sure to observe the recommended care instructions on the product label.