The pros and cons of knitted things

Unlike other textiles that are woven, knitted cloth knit.

Knitwear is one of the most comfortable, practical and versatile fabrics. Knitted items can be worn in any season. They are good both everyday and festive. Knit would look lovely as a business suit or evening dress.
Knitted dress perfectly accentuate the beauty of the figure, does not constrain movements. The woman in this dress will not feel discomfort.

Modern fashion designers are widely used Jersey to create its clothing collections.

Jersey has some drawbacks:

First of all, it's easy promovemos knitted fabric by the needle during sewing. Resulting in the descent of loops. This reduces the service life of one or another jerseys.

Wash jerseys requires great care, because in the process of washing clothes can stretch in width, if the product is cross stitched and fabric. Other jerseys can shrink in length.

Types of knitwear

It should be noted that any knitted fabric is subjected to dry cleaning, can also change its size, here are some species that change their shape after washing:

This is a stretch based fabric knitted netting, consisting of different fibers such as silk, polyester, wool, cotton and others. Jersey sew clothes, shirts and dresses. The fabric quickly loses its original shape after washing in hot water. It also easily form pellets.

It's incredibly lightweight, breathable knitted fabric, made of cotton. It is natural and hypoallergenic, so it is ideal for sewing children's clothing, including newborn. In addition, it is sew t-shirts, blouses, nightgowns, pajamas and sportswear. Fabric interlock sensitive to washing process, therefore, its purification is necessary to use either a gentle cycle of washing machines or manual washing.

This is a kind of cotton Jersey, which is on the reverse side, brushed surface on the other side. Used this fabric for sports wear, trousers and blouses. Improper cleaning things from swetshirt easy to mess with.

Knitted elastic band
This painting is on both sides of the convex stripes of braids facial loops. Used for piping the armholes, neckline and cuffs. Can meet blouses and dresses of knitted elastics. After washing or dry cleaning products are often stretched.

Made of cotton or linen cloth, with front or both sides of the exhaust loop - pile. Thanks to the ability to easily absorb moisture and softness of the material, it is used for sewing towels, rugs, and various women's clothing for the home. After washing or dry cleaning is significantly reduced in size.