You will need
  • -one or more small areas in different parts of the city;
  • -trading equipment, including specialized (storage elite cigar);
  • -well-chosen range of luxury tobacco products.
Rate to start their opportunities count - whether you have enough funds to open a network of outlets (three to five). Isolated tobacco stall or a small shop is likely to be unprofitable. So plan your opening either multiple outlets, or the gradual creation of a network in the presence of real opportunities for expansion.
Consider the location of your future sales outlets. Elite tobacco products, which you will have to emphasize, this product "for the few", so in the Central location with high traffic you to open a stall is not required. Let it be simply readily available, known to fans of the venue and then will do the trick.
Locate a provider of specialized equipment - if ordinary cigarettes will fit conventional racks, cigar taken hold in special exhibition cabinets. It is also believed that in a tobacco store (albeit small) should be equipped with good air conditioning. Should not be disregarded and decorative design of the room outlets - don't forget that your product is designed for more than demanding audience.
Form the broadest possible product range - well, if your point will be presented to all famous Latin American brand of cigars. In addition to cigars and cigarillos will include a range of snuff, as well as accessories for Smoking pipes, cigarette holders, hookahs. When the range is laid out well enough to make the first purchase of the product.
Take care of advertising your selling point - spread of leaflets, place ads in local print media. The number one task for you - to acquire regular customers, and this takes time, and unobtrusive promotions should help you to solve this problem.