Before starting the search and buying stall the acquisition of equipment and the execution of documents necessary to be registered in tax inspection and obtain a certificate of the individual entrepreneur or to be registered as a legal entity, depending on what form of ownership you choose.
Then buy a stall. This can be fixed kiosk location and possibly equipment. Then you will have the opportunity to start work as soon as reissued over the documents. Funds for the acquisition of an existing point will need more. Lower costs go, if you buy a stall and then pick a place to install it.
From the point of stall depend on the turnover and the payback period point. So try to install a kiosk in the passage location: at the bus stop, fork in the road, near schools, railway stations or urban markets.
Before you install a stall in the designated place, it is necessary to conclude a contract of lease of the land. For this we need to contact the municipality of the city or in the administration of the market, if you want to open a retail outlet on site.
Filling out the rental agreement, must obtain the conclusion of the SES and fire control.
Then buy the necessary equipment. For cooking kebabs main is a special vertical grill. They come in gas and electric. In addition, vary the size and number of burners. Purchase grill domestic production will cost from 150 to 300.e. For imported equipment you will have to pay 2-3 times more, although its technical characteristics it does not exceed the domestic.
Shawarma is a Turkish dish. It is finely chopped fried meat wrapped in thin pita bread with vegetables and sauces. Purchasing products for cooking, look for certificates of quality and shelf life. Copies of all certificates should be kept in a stall in case of inspections.
Taking on the work of a salesperson, pay attention to the presence of the sanitary book. According to the norms of SES, it is a must have for every person working with food.
According to experts, the opening of the stall with Shawarma costs an average of about 5 000.e. It pays for itself in a few months, it largely depends on the location. Monthly expenses are the salary of the seller, payment of electricity and rent of the land.