First, use radio advertising. Determine the most popular radio stations and run the movie, saying about the imminent opening of a shop. Gradually, the content of the video will change, don't forget to order a new option for playing on the radio.
The entrance to the Department that you will open (or over it), place a poster about the imminent opening of your retail outlet. Announce discounts on the first day of opening cards and discounts to customers who buy goods in the first week. Duplicate the news on radio and in print.
Open the Internet site of your retail outlet. Your Department ought to be something that will be qualitatively distinguish it from others. Start a group in social networks and use viral marketing, spreading the video of the opening of the outlet.
Arrange a Grand opening of the outlet. After the passage of the weeks distribution, client cards, will suspend their issuance, after which in two months will resume. Periodically arrange shares the goods and the days of discounts to whet the interest of buyers.