Advice 1: How to promote outlet

If you decide to open a trading point, know that you have only two optimistic scenario: either you first few customers and then a lot, or you have a lot at once, and then even more. Of course, you will choose the second option. To it came out like that, you need to start an advertising campaign on the opening point, before it is opened.
How to promote outlet
First, use radio advertising. Determine the most popular radio stations and run the movie, saying about the imminent opening of a shop. Gradually, the content of the video will change, don't forget to order a new option for playing on the radio.
The entrance to the Department that you will open (or over it), place a poster about the imminent opening of your retail outlet. Announce discounts on the first day of opening cards and discounts to customers who buy goods in the first week. Duplicate the news on radio and in print.
Open the Internet site of your retail outlet. Your Department ought to be something that will be qualitatively distinguish it from others. Start a group in social networks and use viral marketing, spreading the video of the opening of the outlet.
Arrange a Grand opening of the outlet. After the passage of the weeks distribution, client cards, will suspend their issuance, after which in two months will resume. Periodically arrange shares the goods and the days of discounts to whet the interest of buyers.

Advice 2: How to open a retail outlet

Trade, including retail, today, is more than significant role in the small business segment. This is due to the relative ease of opening new outlets, as well as with fast return on investment. So, let's look at what you need to take in order to open a retail outlet.
How to open a retail outlet
Opening any retail outlet will require you to complete some required steps. So, point by point:

- A decision about a geographic area (country, region, town) opening the outlet.

- The decision on the nomenclature of goods, which you intend to trade (i.e. the establishment of the item you will be able to implement the direct perpetrators).
Conducting marketing research to determine:

- wholesale suppliers of the desired range of goods and conditions of supply;

- the degree of demand of each type of goods (adopted the item), in various parts of the village, where it is planned the opening of a shop;

- the target population who are interested (or might be interested) in acquiring the planned implementation of the goods and assess the solvency of each group;

cost 1 sq. m. of retail space sold in each district of the village, where it is planned the opening of a shop, or rent the same upon delivery of premises in rent.
Production decisions about the desired size of the profitability of the planned opening of a shop.

- Convert a formulated desire in the strategic goal;

- Evaluation of the attainability of strategic objectives according to the following formula CIPRO;

- Clarifying the strategic objectives and development of a real work plan for its attainment.
Now you need to understand the legal aspect of the question. 10 simple steps:

1. The choice of the legal form

2. Preparation of constituent documents (for legal entities).

3. Registration and obtaining the certificate of the FTS and the bodies of statistics.

4. Obtaining licenses (if necessary) for the retail sale of licensed goods.

5. The purchase or rental of retail space.

6. Obtaining (if necessary), sanitary-epidemiological certificate from Rospotrebnadzor.

7. Notice on the newly opened facility of the consumer market and services.

8. The acquisition and registration of cash registers.

9. Opening a Bank account.

10. The selection of employees.
First time accounting is to give a professional - it may be a head accountant of the company or specially hired people.
Useful advice
Do not hesitate to hire the services of experienced lawyers at every stage of paperwork, it is important to continue to avoid problems with regulatory authorities.
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