You will need
  • - passport;
  • - two sheets of A-4 format;
  • - witnesses with the documents.
To find a suitable option, you can, if you contact a real estate Agency or be familiar with the information in local Newspapers and on television. Agree with the owner of the stall about a meeting where you will discuss all your questions regarding rental opportunities, cost and other conditions.
If a verbal agreement you are satisfied with, proceed to a written contract. At the conclusion of the document you'll need two sheets of paper of A-4 format, pen, passport of the owner and your two witnesses on the part of the owner and the tenant with the identity documents.
Before signing the contract, review title documents on the stall. To execute the contract of lease with the owner, or a Trustee of the owner. If in front of you is the tenant, he must obtain notarized permission from the owner to have the opportunity to take a stall in the sublease.
Directly in the contract, specify all the items governing the relationship. The contract should contain an introductory part, when, who, whom, where and about what the paper concluded. Be sure to specify the address, the name and number of legal documents.
In the main part, specify the timing, amount, ways of payment for the rent of the stall, permission to use. For example, if you rent passed a stall for small retail trade, you are obliged to sell only small-scale retail. When redesigning activities you will have to get permission from the owner or from to specify a condition that a stall will be used for trade, the profile can be omitted. In this case, you'll be able to decide whether you want to sell retail or have a look at the point that sells wine or beer by the glass.
Additional conditions you can specify or do without them. If there is any disagreement, the court will proceed from the instructions of Chapter No. 34 of the civil code.
At the bottom of the document put the signature, date, ask to sign and specify the passport data of those present witnesses.
The agreement, concluded for a period of more than 12 months is subject to state registration in the regional registration chamber.